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This is absolutely allowed on your desktop

A friend and I recently coined the motto, “If you want your life to change, your days have to change.” If that’s so, then if you want your days to change, the hours in your day have to change. Developing … Continue reading

How long should I keep files

How Long Should I Keep Records?

I was asked this very question last week by someone who is considering working with me.  I gave him the same answer I’ve given everyone: “It depends on many things.  There are of course the answers you can find at … Continue reading

What Not To Buy Before Organizing Your Office

What Not To Buy Before Organizing Your Office

  Containers. Don’t confuse buying pretty boxes with organizing. Don’t buy a single container before digging into your office and doing the real work.  Overbuying containers, fancy boxes, and other office supplies can be a distraction from doing the nitty gritty … Continue reading

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Meet My Favorite New Time Management Technique

Yes, organizing begets productivity, but the two are not synonymous.  More time in one’sday is an obvious benefit of getting organized, but just as organizing takes thought and maintenance, so does time management.  As long as papers and objects are … Continue reading


The Inspired Office in March’s Washingtonian!

It’s here!  The Washingtonian has encapsulated my organizing philosophies so beautifully. Read my most important organizing advice in the latest issue.  Being featured is thrilling in and of itself, but I’m also so pleased with how Michelle Thomas, the writer, … Continue reading