Here’s what I carry instead of a purse (and a peek inside)

Believe it or not, I don’t carry a purse.  Never have, and likely never will.  However, I do of course need some bare essentials on me when I’m working with organizing clients.  Here’s a peek inside of my work bag … Continue reading


Here’s Where I Start With the Big Projects

Video Length: 2:36 To Make a Long Story Short: Gather your papers from all corners of your universe.  Dig deep: pull from bags, drawers, boxes, closets, piles on the counter, piles on the desk, and bring them all into one … Continue reading

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The Inspired Office in Northern Virginia Magazine!

The Inspired Office is featured in August 2014′s Northern Virginia Magazine!  Pictures of a client’s transformation are included, as well a great Q and A with her about the process of working with me. Click here to read online. Click here to … Continue reading


[Video] Got blank wall space? Put these all over it.

Video Length: 3:56 To make a long story short:  Use colored sticky notes to create a project wall.  One row per project, create a sticky for each action step, putting the next action step at the top.  This can be … Continue reading


Who lives like this? Not sure, but I want to.

We can always do better. Even as someone who has dedicated her life to helping people live better with less, I too can certainly do better. My home is indeed neat and beautiful, but when complimented on my ability to … Continue reading