[New video] How to create an “oasis” filing system for bills & statements

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I’m surprised it’s taken me so long to do a video on a system that I have created dozens of times over the years.

The BIGGEST problem many of my clients have is that of incoming mail. Most of the mail they keep is bills and statements.

This certainly doesn’t apply to everyone, as many people have everything on autopay and have opted out of paper billing, but even in “the paperless future” of 2019, so many of you are still receiving these items and feel the need to keep them for a certain amount of time.

This isn’t the place to get into whether or not you need to keep them and for how long, but for those of you who want to keep bills and statements for a certain period of time, boy do I have the solution for you. It has worked for countless clients. What they love about this system is that it is a safe space that can be created quickly for what they feel inundated by and buried under. It becomes an oasis in a sea of paper, putting out an immediate fire. This is why it is often the first system I create for a new client.

If you can’t crack your own code on what system(s) you need, let’s work together, even if you live outside of Metro DC. Creating custom systems for people who have tried it all is what I do best. Click here to connect.

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