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"2015 was an amazing year because I met you! Thank you Kacy for making the most incredible impact on my life this past year.  When I rang you up I never could have imagine what a positive domino effect that working with you would have on my life.  I am truly so grateful to have met you, as your work and talent goes far beyond 'organizing.' Thank you for being a life changer." - Izzie Burch, NYC
"I have felt empowered by our work together.  Moreover, I am inspired for the path ahead, both in my career and home nest through your organization.  Thank you for structuring my path and for your endless ideas, creativity, and enthusiasm." - Brooke Adams, Washington, DC
The work you did with me on the office was remarkable.  It has made a HUGE difference this year in my business and how I work.  I can't thank you enough." - Shonali Burke, Silver Spring, MD /
"Working with Kacy is a no-brainer. Her analytical mind and thoughtfulness along with her honed skills of deep listening got us right to the heart of what I needed. I hired her to help me with organizing a messy move AND then again to map out my online course. She was able to find the thread in both areas and followed it until we had a clear mapped-out plan to accomplish the end goals. Pay for time with her and you'll never regret it. I'll use her talents again and again in the future."  - Melanie Spring, Approachable Badass at Branded Confidence
"It's so rare that we meet people who are truly helpful in a fundamental way.  You have become one of those people.  I cannot tell you how much working with you is positively impacting me - from the clean, clear spaces, the reduced mental clutter, the burden lifting off my shoulders, and hope that I will finally have a system that works for me.  I'm so thrilled to have met you and also to be able to call you a friend." - Elizabeth Sherrill, Montgomery, AL
Before working with Kacy, I felt constantly distracted and uninspired in my office. The passion I feel for sharing wine with my clients in a way that is fun and approachable was not reflected in my surroundings.  Kacy helped me to let go of mounds of old paper that were not serving me.  We also organized my business files and came up with a daily system for keeping track of current opportunities.  Now I enjoy spending time in my office. The energy of my office finally matches that which I have for my business.  You rock! - Laurie Forster, Easton, MD / 
"Being your client has been invaluable.  Thank you for doing what you do." - Julia Craighill, Chevy Chase, MD
"Kacy Paide is a miracle worker.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  She has an eye for deconstructing the problem then creating solutions that fit the client.  She deserves the Nobel Prize in Organization." - Vicky Dunn, Arlington, VA
"We are very grateful to Kacy for the calm and competent way she helped us make sense of our (formerly) chaotic office.  Six months later, we are still grateful every time we open the file cabinet." - Marilyn & Carl Banner, Bethesda, MD
"Kacy is an absolute delight to work with.  I worked with three different organizers before meeting Kacy and I can honestly say that she's the first one who (1) had me excited about getting organized, (2) worked WITH me to create a system (as opposed to forcing her own way on me), and (3) put in place systems that are continuing to increase my organization and decorate my paper on a daily basis." - Joey Coleman, Washington, DC  /
"Even though I'd realized that my office needed a major overhaul, I was sure I could figure out what to do next on my own - but I never could seem to - and that's why the few hours spent with Kacy were like a miracle" - Carolyn Hill, Bowie, MD
"It's hard, downright impossible to detach from 'things' that hold memories.  That tell your story.  That represent your significance.  The value of working with Kacy is she builds a more functional support foundation while you create a new life story. Energy is shifted.  And it is finally safe to let go of what no longer serves your bottom line." - Rene Edwards, College Park, MD
"Before working with Kacy, I had started the process of eliminating paper and getting rid of stuff but I was running out of steam and I realized I needed help to get to the "clean point" that I desired. I am so grateful that I invested in Kacy's services! Kacy is a joy to work with, an easy conversationalist, and non-judgmental. I looked forward to our appointments instead of dreading them. I was prepared to be exhausted by the process, but she made it refreshing!" - Angenella Fleming, Upper Marlboro, MD
"My office was a danger zone before working with Kacy.  You couldn't even walk into it let alone try to work. What I loved about my experience with Kacy was the fact that she worked at the same fast pace I did.  We got so much done in 2 hours. I LOVE my new, clean and organized office. Who knew organizing and actually throwing stuff away could feel so rewarding!" - Tatiana Tchamouroff, Bethesda, MD
"I've been watching Kacy's YouTube videos for inspiration for about one year now. I tried to get started on my own but kept running into the usual walls...interruptions, lack of motivation, overwhelming tasks and an inability to choose what goes and what stays. I was so glad to finally have Kacy out to my home and get a jump start on a much needed clutter clear-out.  She helped me establish a simple system to follow, and cleared my desk and my mind! Thanks for the inspiration as well as your lovely company.  You’re truly amazing at what you do!" - Ilse Hays, Winchester, VA
I dread your visits, but then when you're here you somehow make it so easy.  You're like an angel! - Norbert Lustine, Silver Spring, MD