The Inspired Office: Organize your life one paper at a time





Buried under paper?  There’s good news:
No matter how big the mess, your office is a fixable problem.

This book was born out of the countless client conversations in my last 15 years as a professional organizer.  Having transformed many hundreds of messy offices, I know that the answers have to come from within, not from an organizer.  This book asks you the same questions I ask my clients, as well as captures the essence of what is contained in a truly organized, supportive space. (Hint: it transcends pretty labels and boxes). The result: a vision for your office and beyond - and the tools to make it happen (even if you hate filing)!

This is a “best of” compilation of my most useful and repeated advice.  You’ll learn to see your space through an organizer’s eyes, and adopt the skills needed to organize your way to a calm, clear, beautiful office.

You will learn how to:

  • Get motivated before touching a single piece of paper.

  • Confidently start in exactly the right place.

  • Write out (and stick to) a day-to-day organizing maintenance plan.

  • See the doable micro-projects within the greater project.

  • Identify papers and projects that should never be hidden inside a filling cabinet.

  • Creatively sort and label so that you can instantly find what you need, when you need it.


Who this book is for:

If you hate filing (and your office shows it), this book is for you!  

Even in our digital age, so many of us are still buried under paper.  Perhaps you are out-of-sight-out-of-mind, meaning you need creative, un-linear solutions that work with your habits.  

This book will not tell you to put it all in a filing cabinet.

Though I’m a huge proponent of digital organizing, you also won’t be told to scan it all.  If going digital is your ultimate goal, this book will help you to organize your office and head to prepare for that phase, but it is not a book on how to go paperless (though you’ll have a lot less paper if you follow the advice).