1-hour virtual session:

Package of 3 1-hour virtual sessions: 


Outside of the immediate DC area?  We can work together virtually, wherever your piles live!  Whatever the stage of your organizing project, virtual organizing sessions can break the inertia and completely transform your office.
Through video consultations, I can spot your specific problems (especially the ones you can't see), share screens for digital organizing, give pointed assignments, and even hold your hand through executing our plan.  

You'll receive the same customized solutions enjoyed by my in-person clients, benefitting from my 16 years of organizing experience.  No more mental heavy lifting, spinning your wheels, and second-guessing yourself!  Your video tours, paired with your frustrations and goals are all I need to coach you through the exact plan to create an office you'll be proud to show off.



- Create systems for paper that you can easily maintain.
- Eliminate piles that never make it into folders (or the trash.
- Masterfully manage your inbox and ongoing projects.
- Finally unearth and zap visible or hidden stashes, piles, or mountains of paper.
- Enjoy and maintain clean & clear surfaces.
- Gain clarity on what to keep and what to throw out.
- Create a filing system that supports, instead of frightens you.
- Create inviting places for absolutely everything to land.
- Eliminate scattered sticky notes and scraps of paper.
- Keep everything you need close at hand.
- Better manage the daily influx of paper.


- Evernote training for the complete novice to the experienced user.
- Evernote Business training for teams of 3 or more.
- Determine which digital tools are the best match for your needs.
- Navigate when to save something digitally versus as a hard copy.
- Decide what is worth scanning, how often to scan, and if you even need to have a scanner (I don't)!
- Develop digital literacy so that you can effortlessly access what you need from wherever you are.
- Wrangle your digital information wherever it may be hiding: your hard drive, external hard drives, the cloud, & who knows where else!


- Clearly separate action items from everything else.
- Organize checklists, notebooks, and project files.
- Create routines that stick.
- Keep the most important to dos front and center.
- Feel not just caught up on projects but like you're actually moving the needle forward on what matters.
- Prioritize your how best to spend your minutes, hours, and days.
- Create visual systems to simplify even the most complex projects. 
- Gain focus, clarity of mind, and efficiency, regardless of the size of your to do list.
- Know how to best utilize even the smallest slivers of time.
- Stop carrying around so much information in your head.



- A clean, clear desktop.
- Ability to find & file papers with ease.
- Ability to immediately put your hands on whatever you need,
digitally or physically.

- Systems that beautifully keep what’s important front and center. 
- An office you actually WANT to spend time in.
- Reclaimed energy that has been lost to a cluttered head.
- Peace of mind as you walk into your office.



- Suspect you’re saving too much paper, but don’t know what to toss.
- Feel overwhelmed by the variety of digital organizing tools.
- Are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of “stuff” or to dos.
- Know what to do, but have trouble motivating to do it.
- Spend time organizing your office, but feel like you’re spinning your wheels.
- Are frustrated with just getting caught up (or not at all) each day.
- Feel your office is at a standstill.
- Claim to be “out of sight, out of mind,” so struggle to find things that aren't front and center.
- Want to go paperless, but feel you're a lost cause.
- Are losing money and/or sleep over the state of your office and to do list.
- Have downloaded Evernote but for whatever reason, can’t bring yourself to use it (for those interested in Evernote training). 


- You are willing to take even the smallest action between sessions.
- Accountability seems to be the only way you get anything done.
- You know what to do to get organized, but second-guess yourself.
- You sense that if you are told exactly what to do, you’ll run with it.