travel RATES

how it works

You and Kacy will work up to 7 hours each day (not including a lunch break).  Upon agreeing on visit length, Kacy will send an electronic letter of agreement.  Once signed, she will purchase flights.  The first invoice will follow.

INVOICE 1 - 50% deposit + airfare, car rental and lodging (if pre-paid). To be paid within 1 week of invoice.
INVOICE 2 - Remaining 50% balance + any other incurred travel expenses (car rental and lodging). To be paid on last day of work.
Checks are accepted. Additional 2.9% applies to credit card payments.

Kacy would prefer if the client directly pays for lodging, as opposed to Kacy purchasing and invoicing.  If working a full final day, Kacy will likely book return travel on the following day to allow for a non-rushed finish to the project.


RT airfare from DCA or BWI
Car rental

Kacy will cover her own food, gas, parking, and any expenses involved in getting to/from DC airport.

1 day


 2 days


3 days




Kacy can offer a 1/2 day option for first and/or last days.