Yes, I have a junk drawer. Here it is.


Ok, it's not so bad, but I do have one (+ a junk box that lives in my foyer closet). They're pictured here. Apparently junk drawers can be read like palms. In NPR's What Your Junk Drawer Reveals About You, Kit Yarrow, a consumer psychologist says:

"I snoop through people's drawers, pantries, closets and garages as part of my research, and I can say without hesitation that the junk drawer is the most revealing place I can look."


Having spend a good part of my own life rummaging through junk drawers, armed with a degree in cultural anthropology, I agree. I wouldn't go so far to say they're fascinating places, but like my clients, no two are alike. How many junk drawers should you have? Ask yourself what is reasonable. 2 max is my own rule. Anything above that, and you should be able to see categories within them, and categories need places.

Click to read NPR's What Your Junk Drawer Reveals About You.

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