What The Year Of The Snake Has To Do With Your Office

One of the most significant changes in your office this year:

  1. Happened on February 10th, 2013
  2. Can easily go completely unnoticed
  3. Has the power to improve your wealth, focus, and even health without sorting a single file
What the year of the snake has to do with your home office
What the year of the snake has to do with your home office

Did you know that the energy in our homes and offices rearranges itself with each Chinese New Year?  The year of the Snake started on February 10th. The most vital energy in every space, be it an office, house, building, or room, has just moved to the ­­Northeast of your office, home, or any other room.  It’s easy to take advantage of this shift, but you have to activate this area though to invite the energy in.  The energy that just took residence in the Northeast of your office can be thought of as a wild card of cosmic goodies.  Here are some easy ways to unleash it:

- Hang a crystal in the Northeast to disperse the light throughout the room- Keep blinds open in Northeast-facing windows - Use motion: move your fan, fountain, or stereo to the Northeast - Use heat: move your space heater, candles, or night light to the Northeast - Use life: place a healthy plant here and keep it healthy! - Declare this area of all areas, your clutter free zone. - Replace an old photo in the Northeast with one you love. - If your office door faces the Northeast of your home or building, simply watch the abundance that pours in this year!

Just like you, your environment is constantly evolving. Any feng shui book will tell you where your money or love corner is, but to some extent, these relocate too from year to year.  Feng shui reveals how the energy of a space, much like nature’s cycles, are never still.  There are countless layers to this tradition, and many classically trained experts agree this annual cycle of energy is the most powerful to harness, as it brings a freshness to a space that is effortlessly renewed with the passage of time.


Choose one or ten ways to enhance the Northeast of your office.  One is actually enough. 

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