What Kind of "House" Have You Built Around Your Work?

What do tiny cubicles, converted guest rooms, and lofty urban offices all have in common?  At the most basic level, they house and influence the work done in that space, for better or worse.  This recent Wall Street Journal magazine article further opened my eyes to the impact space has on our work.

Let this be an example at the grandest scale. Fashion brand Céline recently occupied and renovated a 17th century Parisian mansion.  For starters, the floors make use of 12 types of marble.  Marco Gobbetti, Céline's CEO says of the space: “Our project has been about building a house more than a brand. From that point of view, this building represents the foundation and where we come from."


Like it or not, your office represents the foundation of  where you come from.  Even if you don't have (or aspire to have) just one type of marble on your floor, we can all step it up a notch.

What will you change, add, or eliminate in your home or office to permeate your work with quality, respect and beauty?  Please share in the comments below!