What I’ve been organizing lately - the classic mail-opening session

While some days we clear vast expanses of floor or desk space, or let our creative juices flow in creating fabulous new systems, other days I simply help my clients open their mail.  This may precede creating smart paper flow systems, happen immediately after, or even years into our relationship!  

For whatever the reason, sometimes mail doesn’t get opened or processed unless I’m there - and we’re both ok with that.

This recycling bin sat on the floor next to the bed where my client and I sat and chatted for three hours as we tore through all of the envelopes that had been awaiting my arrival.  You’re not seeing the 10 or so categories we spread across her bed, or the file carts that these eventually rested in.  Mundane as it is, it’s an essential step in keeping the lights on and life moving!

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