What I’ve been organizing lately - mail and magazines!

This could not be a more typical scene out of my workday.  I’ve spent countless hours of my adult life standing in this exact scene, and oddly never tire of it.  In this case, the mail had made its way upstairs to her home office over the course of weeks.  We chose to bring it back downstairs because her large kitchen island was an easier sorting station.  We spent the better part of three hours sorting and tossing mail and magazines.  Like most clients in her situation, they wonder why they can’t do it alone, but are grateful that there’s someone like me who loves to do it.  It rubs off. 

If I’m writing to anything resembling a cross section of my clients, I know that most of you have some major inertia around mail.  You are not alone!  I wish I had some magic tricks to share, but sadly, you just have to do it.  If not with me, then start with some piles.   


Some of the piles in this photo are:

  • Explanations of benefits
  • Banking statements
  • Investment statements
  • Subscriptions to renew
  • Charities to give to
  • Probably junk
  • Bills to pay
  • Real estate related (She’s a realtor.)
  • Magazines - Design
  • Magazines - Other
  • Catalogs

You don’t have to know where it’ll all end up (I don’t always), but there is magic in just starting. Go forth and create (smart) piles!

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