What I’ve been organizing lately - a graphic design studio

A common question I hear is “how long do you typically work with a client?”  Most clients start with a package of time, be it 9 or 18 hours, and usually work into a long-term relationship. Others only need a nudge and some fresh ideas, and my two hour intro session suffices.  This was the case with DC’s Cherry Blossom Creative, a gorgeous graphic design studio with a shop in front of the house full of pens, notebooks, and planners that make me weak in the knees.

I came in for two hours to give them some fresh ideas on how to best make use of their small space.  The space is beautifully designed, but small for the number of designers in there.  With absolutely no storage closets, they have to make smart use of every inch. After brainstorming a list of arrangement and storage tweaks, I turned my eye on the magazine files pictured here. They certainly look nice to the naked eye, but they housed outdated content, some from designers who had moved on.

We visited them one by one, culling as we went.  The next step was to create smarter labels.  For instance, a “catalogs” file housed anything from catalogs used for actual orders, to catalogs saved because the design served as inspiration.  We dissected this category and more, creating tighter, more useful categories such as:

    - Inspiration - Layout

    - Inspiration - Construction

    - Wholesale Catalogs

    - To Review & Implement

Labels can confuse or labels can get us to take action. At quick glance, there is no question as to what lies within.  Now, it’s not just a pretty shelf! 

Walking down 8th St., NW in DC anytime soon?  Want to upgrade your planner?  Need a gift for the pen lover who has everything?  Stop in and shop their highly curated collection of office supplies. 

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