What I’ve been organizing lately - a client’s time

It’s hard enough to organize things we can see, feel, and touch, so how do we organize time?  It’s usually a different process for each client that then needs to be tested and tweaked until we land on just the right combo of solutions. In this case, we laid it all out on a board propped up in her office. One of my clients is an interior designer specializing in medical offices.  With that comes swatches, piles of things to return, receipts to sort by project, not to mention a clogged inbox, and the purse full of paper, and more...

She’s a true artist, and with that comes a need for highly visible, tactile systems.  After having spent a few sessions putting out the immediate fires of the piles on her desk, she felt an urgency to see everything on her plate in one one snapshot.  We simply flipped over a an MDF project board to give us a clean slate.  On it, we used plain white sticky notes to create to-do columns for each active project, as well as business development tasks, and errands. It will surely evolve in ways we can’t predict, but she now has a place besides her head for tasks to land!

Do you ever use a board or wall to plan out projects or time in general?  When you need to see it all in one place, what do you do?  Have any project planning or to-do systems lasted for you longer than a few weeks?  Please share in the comments! 

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