What happened when I let go of my U2 collection

For as long as I can remember I’ve been U2 fan. However, the first cassette I ever bought was Milli Vanilli. My sister (8 years my senior) was so embarrassed by my musical taste, so she started feeding me what she was listening to. Two years previous in 1987, U2’s Joshua Tree album came out. Given the musical context of the time, my choice in pop music did give one pause. Very quickly U2 won and I embarked on a lifelong love of the band. I saw them live in the late 1990s, but it always pained me that I had been too young to see them on The Joshua Tree tour.

My best friend can attest to the fact that in middle school, I’d spend most afternoons watching my VHS of U2’s Rattle & Hum tour documentary of that tour. It got better every time. That VHS spawned a collection of U2 hats, books, vinyl albums, stickers, shirts, posters, etc. I wish I had a picture of me at golf camp in the ‘90s wearing my Achtung Baby U2 shirt while everyone else was wearing polos!

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I was staying at my parents and decluttering my memorabilia. I decided to finally let go of the remaining parts of my beloved U2 collection. (A faded Unforgettable Fire t-shirt and my Rattle & Hum VHS remain part of my permanent archives.) About a month later (just a few days ago), a friend told me that she has tickets to the sold out Joshua Tree 30th anniversary show in DC in June!

"WHAT?! How did I not know about this?! I guess I’m no longer their biggest fan.”

Holding out hope, I go to their site. Indeed it’s sold out in DC, but there are still a few tickets available for Houston, TX the same week I return to work with my client in May. I already had a hotel, a plane ticket, and a week’s worth of organizing scheduled. One of those tickets is now mine.

Seeing the near immediate returns of letting go is such a fun part of my work. When it happened to me though I was just floored! I absolutely believe that in letting go of my collection that was serving me in no way, I made way for the full essence of what that collection represented to make its way to me. The timing of meeting up with the friend, her mentioning the concert in passing (not knowing what I fan I was), and the timing of my pre-existing Houston trip was just divine! As if I wasn’t motivated to declutter before, I now am so eager to see what else comes my way as I eagerly let go of even more.

I’d rather have this…:

Than this:

Have you ever let go of something, only for something related to return to you in a much more satisfying way? Are you now inspired to let go of a collection that is only collecting dust? Do you have any stories of the energetics of letting go? Are you also going to The Joshua Tree tour!? Please share in the comments!

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