What Do Cigarettes & Business Cards Have In Common?

  Every time I go to a networking event, I always cause a stir with my business card holder.  Gotta stand out at these things, right?  Folks must think it’s tacky for me to have my pack of smokes sitting on the table, but wait, those aren’t cigarettes in there! What do cigarettes and business cards have in common?

They both can be stylishly toted from place to place in exactly the same sized case.

The good news is that I’ve discovered a beautiful, practical way to carry a stack of business cards with me at all times.  The bad news is that you can’t just click and order it.

This is a wooden cigarette case that has been reincarnated as the official carrier of The Inspired Office’s business cards.  I bought it at a yard sale more than six years ago for $1.   It is big enough to hold over 40 biz cards.  I always leave room in the back to hold the cards I receive at events.  When I get home, all the cards I’ve collected are in one place.  (The best systems start at the source, remember?) The best part is that it can take a lot of abuse in the bottom of the bag and the cards emerge unscathed.

Good luck finding one just like mine.  The best advice I can give is to search for “cigarette case” or “wooden cigarette case” on eBay.  As with anything on eBay, you have to dig, but I’ve seen some nice ones.