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Having a YouTube channel with over a hundred videos, I thought I had video down.  I just had a rude awakening though. Last week I was at a workshop for entrepreneurs where a TV producer drilled into our heads (jumping up and down screaming, actually) that we have to be creating videos all day every day or else our business is dead.  

I wanted to barf. I’m not a millennial and cringe and the 24/7 sharing of mundanities (and abuse of the word “literally”).  I’m the one who raised her hand to ask, “Do I have to start sharing my favorite conditioner and almond milk? I don’t want to be narcissistic in assuming people care.”  Apparently, people care and ya’ll want to see more of my house, my food, my pots of homemade chai, my books, etc.  I’m all in and I’m getting the hang of it.  

I’m making live videos and stories on Instagram first.  Facebook Live will surely follow.  If you’re new to this too, Instagram Live videos are just that.  They are not posted or saved anywhere.  Instagram Stories are 15 seconds long and disappear after 24hours.

The first live video I did was of me in PJs showing how my condo looked on a typical Saturday morning (hint, it wasn’t “organized.”)  Throughout the week I’m going to share more of my jobs, my own home, my own messes and solutions, and a sprinkling of random moments that the internet apparently eats up. I’m cringing a bit, but please join me!  I’ll make it every bit as nutrient-dense as my blog, I promise.


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Office Organizing Expert Kacy Paide loves to do what most people hate: organize offices & paper.

She works with folks who are desperate for a more functional, more beautiful, more inspiring office. Kacy has been a Professional Organizer since 2001 and has worked with over 500 clients. Call her crazy, but she loves a good mess and wants to fix yours. Learn her time-tested solutions in her eBook, The Inspired Office: Organize Your Life One Paper at a Time. Based in Silver Spring, MD, Kacy is nationally available for consulting & speaking.