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This month Nic and I took AirBnb up on an offer we couldn’t refuse. A defense contractor was placing an employee for a month and thought our home was the perfect match for her. The offer looked too good to be true, but it checked out. For 10 minutes we listed all of the reasons why we couldn’t manage the move to my sister’s and parents’ homes about 35 minutes away, but quickly realized we’d be fools not to do it.

This is the picture I took upon leaving, wishing I could live in a home so clean and sparse! Here’s how we pulled it off: We were able to lock off our downstairs bedroom. It temporarily houses a mess of books, photos, towels, favorite kitchen items we didn’t want used, clothes from closets and drawers, and much more.

We’ll be home again in a few days. It was indeed worth it, but not something we’ll do again. We’re so grateful to our accommodating family, but it tested even the organizer’s organizing skills and patience. My office is in a cardboard box. Our shoes are in a hamper. Our coats are in a Tupperware bin. Our clothes are in packing cubes. Some food just rotted in a cooler after the move from my sister’s to my parents’. The odds and ends of life are everywhere despite my best efforts. That being said, if we weren’t as organized as we are, this “adventure” wouldn’t have been a possibility.

Documenting our home as I want it to be has been equally frustrating and inspiring. Now that we know what we can and can’t live without for a month, we’re going to take a hard look at everything we left behind. It’s been a true experiment in minimalism and vagabonding, and hopefully will result in a daily look that is closer to our airbrushed version of home.

We've already deleted our AirBnb listing, but you can still view the photos here.

I repeat, this is NOT how we live on a day to day basis. One day I’ll give a video or photo tour of how we really live, drawers, closets, and all...

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