This was her favorite folder - one year later

In January I revisited a realtor client of mine who I see once per year to retouch her files for the new year.  Together we have created so many folders over the years.  When we came across this one, she said, “That is my favorite folder we’ve made!” 

Those of you who also tend to scatter things to read around the home or office, please note a few things:

  • It’s not just a “To Read” folder, it’s “To Read Then Toss.”  This slightly refines what she puts in here.  These are tear-outs and articles that she has no intention of keeping for future reference, but will toss upon reading.  
  • It’s in a translucent plastic folder. There’s no hiding what’s inside, and it’s durable.
  • In her case, she preferred this to be a stand-alone folder, not a part of any pocket folder system, so she could carry it to work, on a trip, to the coffee table, and wherever else she might find a few minutes to read.

Since reading material materializes in so many places, any “To Read” solution needs to float. Whatever you do, do NOT put this category in a static system such as a file drawer.  If it’s not in front of you when the fleeting reading mood strikes, it might as well not exist.

Are you a good candidate for a “To Read Then Toss” folder just like this one?  Do you have any other suggestions for collecting reading material in a way that actually aids in the reading of those materials?  Please share in the comments!

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