The VHS collection smack-down

Do you really still have VHS tapes?  If so, I’m going to read your mind in an effort to help you let go of them. You still have a VHS collection because:

- They may have sentimental footage. This is the only good reason for keeping any - and still, rarely good enough considering you can’t even remember what that footage could be!)

- I want to convert them to DVD.

- I want to remember what I had in my collection so I can buy them on DVD or digitally.

- I need to review them first (but I no longer have a VHS player).

- I might want to watch them one day (but it’s such a low priority that I never sit down with my antique VHS player to do so).

Here are two suggestions on how to come to terms with your obsolete collection of VHSs:

1.  Donate them all, right now, all at once.  My client Angenella did a few weeks ago.  We struck while the iron was hot and bagged up a few dozen and the VHS player!  She didn’t keep even one.


2. Box them all up for donations, as Angenella did above, but if it helps make parting easier, store the photos in Evernote so you have a catalog of what you once owned in the off chance that you’d want to reference it once day.  My client Mary Evernoted this image below, then said “later!"

Do you have a collection of VHS videos?  How many do you have?  Did I include your reason/excuse for keeping them? Can you let go of them now?  Can you let go of ALL of them at once?  Please share in the comments!

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