The results are in...

Thank you so much to the 150 of you who replied to last week’s reader survey!  I’m still combing through the results and learn something every time I peek in there. 

Some results were expected: 

- Despite my attempts at unisex branding, 90% of you are female.

- Organizing is an all-ages activity, with readers pretty equally spread-out between ages 30 and 70.

- The #1 motivating factor of respondents is “peace of mind,” with “I’ll be more efficient” coming in at #2.

Other results were more surprising:

- Most of you feel like you know what to do to get organized, but struggle to find the motivation to just do it.

- Over half of you claim that there are a lot of areas in your home/life that need better organizing.  Before the survey, I had no idea if this was the case.  I’ll stick to teaching what I know best - offices - but now feel more free to infuse my lessons with more universal organizing principles.  

- Only 16% of you describe your office as “extremely messy.”  Most of my clients describe themselves this way, so I was expecting a higher percentage to identify as such.  The majority of you describe your office as “moderately messy (I could clean it up if someone who I wanted to impress was stopping by)."

I really cherish these answers and feel like I know you so much better.  With that, I feel even more obligated to continually improve the level of information I share with you.

With that, this week I release a post that has been in the vault for nearly 3 years: “10 Ways to Motivate Employees to Keep a Clear Desk.”  I was hoping to pitch it to a magazine and not “waste” it on my blog!  Well, that day never came, but it has lived a life of its own on LinkedIn. Week after week I get notices that this article has received 80 reads here, 90 reads there on LinkedIn.  It’s time to own it, and not hide it in hopes of “one day maybe it’ll get published.” You may remember that my eBook had been sitting on my hard drive too since 2012 before releasing it this past November!  

No more.  The really good stuff needs too see the light of day.

In reading it again to post to my blog, I was pleasantly delighted.  It’s a rare gem of long-form writing from me.  You’ll notice that it is aimed at professionals who are in a position to offer organizing help as a perk to their employees, but anyone can glean inspiration from it, especially from tips #1 and #2.  

If you are an executive, HR director, legal administrator, or other professional who would like to see more order in your employees’ offices, and are brimming with ideas after reading the post, let’s talk!  If you know of someone in this position, please forward to them.



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