The NPR Fresh Air interview with Long Haul Truck Driver & Author, Finn Murphy

Given how much I enjoyed this Fresh Air interview, I’m eager to read long haul truck driver Finn Murphy’s book The Long Haul.  He’s spent decades packing and hauling Americans' belongings, accumulating a wealth of wisdom on the topic of stuff.  He and I share at least two things in common:

  1. Paying such close attention to objects for so many years has made us surprisingly less sentimental about objects.  This is in part due to witnessing the cycle of beloved objects: home - storage - donation or trash.  It sounds over-simplified, but ashes to ashes, dust to dust also applies to everything we bring in through the front door.
  2. We’ve both observed firsthand that the worst drivers are in and around DC!!

Listen to the interview with Finn Murphy here

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