The most useful business book I’ve ever read

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"If you confuse, you’ll lose. Noise is the enemy, and creating a clear message is the best way to grow your business.” 
-Story Brand Author Donald Miller’s motto

You’re learning how to declutter your space. It’s time to declutter your businesses messaging!  I’ve broken my rule of no reading business books in bed, devouring Building a Story Brand by Don Miller. I’d be tearing through it if I weren’t actually pausing after each chapter to complete the exercises in the brilliant and generous accompanying online framework provided for organizing your businesses messaging.  Miller helps us to clarify our message by honing it down to the essential few words necessary to explain exactly what we do or what we are selling. If you’re a business owner or someone who has influence over your company’s messaging, you cannot afford not to read this.  If you’re neither of those things, but you speak publicly or write, this will be eye-opening for you too.  

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