The most beautiful way to honor your heirlooms (especially if you’re an art lover)

Heirlooms and anything of sentimental value seem to stump us. They hold great personal value, but sometimes the most important ones are collecting dust in a crammed box. I find them in places anywhere from behind glass in the etagere, stashed in the basement by the boxful, or unprotected or damaged by the time we find them in the oddest places. The problem with sentimental items is twofold: we tend to keep them hidden away, only to enjoy when we pull them out for a few minutes every few years, or, we hold on to far too much, thus eroding the sentimental value of it all as it starts to feel burdensome.


The Heirloomist solves these problems beautifully, allowing you to appreciate the item in its fullest, transforming it into a veritable piece of art.  Acclaimed NYC still life photographer Shana Novak photographs your item, returning to you an archival print for framing. Prices range from about $500 - $1150.  Some framing is available.

Even the seemingly mundane can hold great memories and value, as you can read in this piece about a photographed chapstick collection. Each day you can walk by the image and share its story with visitors, milking the true value of your most special items.  From there, it’s up to you if you want to keep the item or let it go, now that its likeness has been captured and honored.

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If you were gifted an Heirloomist print, what one item or collection would you want to see framed on your wall? Where would you hang it? Would you keep the item afterwards? Please share in the comments!

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