What I've been sharing lately: The Miracle Morning book

Recently I did an extensive reflection on 2016. In listing some of my proudest accomplishments, carving out time for my Miracle Morning was on of them. In the homestretch of the year, my sister insisted I read this book while we were on vacation in Puerto Rico. As a lifelong over-sleeper, I knew this was a nudge I had to pay attention to. Author Hal Elrod teaches how to consistently wake up an hour earlier. Not just that, but you learn how to design this hour to pack-in all of the self development work you know you should do, but never find the time for. The years pass, and they’re still not a part of your life. I’m one month in, and waking up at 7am is no chore at all. In fact, as promised, it’s become my favorite part of the day.

Here’s my typical Miracle Morning:

- Read my statement inspired by “Think and Grow Rich"

- 20 minutes of Transcendental Meditation

- Make a list of appreciation

- Other journaling or quiet brainstorming/problem solving. I like asking myself questions and listening for the answers.

- 10 minutes of visualization (fun to pretend I live in Big Sur every morning)

And that’s an hour! It’s incredible how much I’ve come to want to pack into this hour. I make lists of exercises and reflections. This book has already been life-changing. Even if waking up comes easily for you, please read The Miracle Morning to make that first hour a powerful one.

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