Organizing Product I Love: Acrylic Magazine Files

  There are a few office organizing supplies that you should never skimp on.  A proper rolling file cart is of course one, and sturdy magazine files are another.  I have three of the Container Store’s clear acrylic magazine files.

I see many empty or neglected magazine files in clients’ offices.  I’ve noticed that the ones that aren’t used are always cardboard and usually have taken a beating.  If they are made of wood, plastic, or any other durable material, they are almost always well-utilized.  Magazine files are the little black dress of organizing- they blend in and are all-occasion.  They don’t just hold magazines.  They’re good for workbooks, supplies, loose papers, file folders, you name it. They even work as bookends when full.

I use mine for design magazines, but have had many clients fill them with papers.  With the short end facing you, stick a label on the front.  Do this a few times on a bookshelf or desktop and you have an in-your-face grab and go vertical filing system.  Labels I’ve seen have been:

-Travel -College Search -Marketing -House -Properties

Within each box, break your category down into folders.  For instance, “Properties” can house 4 folders if you own 4 properties.  “House” can have folders for repairs and design ideas.

What are your top three or so most active categories? Will their folders all fit into one desktop magazine file or do they need more?  Do you have an underutilized bookshelf near your desk?  Can you imagine ten or more magazine files with ten active categories? Use as many as you need. No flimsy cardboard allowed.

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