The fate of your newspaper collection


You know you’re in Washington when practically all of your clients have a stash of newspapers with headlines from presidential elections.  I saw a surge in these after President Obama was elected, though the collections weren’t at all limited to him.  In recent years though, I’ve held many a clients’ hand as they felt it was time to send those out with the rest of the recycling.  Recently a client did just that, her collection pictured here in the recycling bag.  Pause was given, but no tears were shed.  A few days later, I was at an estate sale and saw a similar collection for sale from Clinton’s and Bush’s elections - proof that this is not a new phenomenon! 

Within one week, I saw one collection get recycled and another get sold to strangers.  

Do you have a collection of newspapers or magazines with headlines of historical interest or sentimental value?  Given the likelihood of these (or similarly mundane) fates, are they worth the space they take up?  To what extent are they truly cherished?  Is it worth the effort it will take to determine if they are of any real monetary value?  Are you willing to let them go? Please share in the comments! 

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