The best way to organize clothing in a trunk.


My client has two gorgeous, huge heirloom trunks in her bedroom. They held clothing, but not well… Like I’ve said a thousand times before, “We should have taken a before shot!” You can probably imagine though what a stuffed trunk full of clothes typically looks like; Like strata, the closer to the bottom we got, the more folded (though more forgotten) items of clothing were.  She couldn’t see what she had and therefore was mostly using the top few items. 

Naturally, she let go of some pieces - a solid fifth of what she had. For the remaining items we were left with the challenge of how to store them so she could see absolutely everything. It’s hard to say if I would have thought of this pre-Marie Kondo, but starting with her jeans I tried standing her garments on end. 


She opted to use the trunk pictured here for cool weather wear (jeans, corduroys, long sleeves, and sweaters). The second trunk (not pictured) now holds spring/summer wear (lightweight pants, crops, and white tops).

Sometimes having a large, cavernous space like a trunk can be a double-edged sword. If not used wisely, it can become a black hole.  Since a lot of people use trunks for lesser-used items, know that this will still work for anything from linens, towels, ski pants and jackets, and anything that can be folded. Hopefully this folding technique will work for you!

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