Tested: The KonMari Folding Method

I gave my copy of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up a smirky sideways glare when author Marie Kondo outlined a precise method of folding and rolling clothes. Nope, I was never going to take organizing that far….until I did and it almost doubled my drawer space.  Last week, my friend and client, Cassandra Metzger, who gave me the book got on-board too.  This is her drawer makeover.





What you can't see here is how spacious it was when we were done! So, we filled it with shirts from a neighboring drawer and closet!  Between this and another drawer, she freed up 15 hangers in her closet and gained about half a drawer.

Along the way we did a few things to ensure this will last:

- Shirts and tanks must be folded in a way that the detail that differentiates it from those of the same color show on the rolled edge.

- Stick with me on this one…you do need to measure the drawer's depth, or just use one perfectly rolled piece a your guide.  If rolled pieces are even half an inch too long, they'll get caught and drag when opening.

- The drawer either has to be full or you'll need drawer dividers to keep pieces from coming unrolled.

I did this in my own closet too with identical results.  Even more than the extra space, I love that I can see each piece.  Nothing is hidden.  Once you roll and unroll a few pieces to get your little rhythm down (which actually takes very little time) you won't go back!

Think you'll try it?  Please share in the comments.