How I used Evernote this week to immortalize (and toss) my nieces' artwork


Evernote is a one stop shop for zapping kids' artwork. I save about 1 out of 10 pieces my nieces create for me. Everything else gets photographed into my "Memorabilia" Evernote notebook. I only have about 50 notes in here as of now. I deliberately do not tag these notes. Just like a "real" memorabilia box, I like opening this notebook and rummaging through it, all but forgetting what I added but having the joy of rediscovering it. Once that number gets to 100+, I might change my mind about that. The latest work of art from my nieces is a fan art triptych dedicated to my cat, Zucca. They lovingly drew pictures for him that we posted above his food. A few weeks later after Zucca was tired of looking at them, into Evernote they went. View the installation art piece here.