Your Office’s Best Kept Secret


Rules are meant to be broken, even Feng Shui rules.  My years as a Feng Shui consultant overlapped with my first few years as an organizer.  Clients always asked me about whether or not they could hang things on the backs of their doors.  Many Feng Shui books will tell you that this is a no-no.  My answer is always that intuition and logic though should override any “rule.”  What’s better Feng Shui: tripping over scattered supplies on your floor or a neatly organized, hidden system for all of them?  Hiding old laptop bags and ten old coats are examples of how not to use the back of a door. Pictured here are two lovely ways though to use the closet door that may be in front of you right now: Here we have the rock solid Elfa brand system from the Container Store.  For about $80 less though, you can repurpose a shoe organizer.  They work beautifully too. I use binder clips to tag large labels to each of the pockets.  Label. Label. Label.

Chances are you’re sitting a few feet away from some very valuable office organizing real estate.  If you have a closet door, or any other door that can conceal a hanging system, start using the back this week!  If you already have a shoe organizer that is not used, anchor it well and you may find you have more pockets than you can fill!