Minimalism Video Tutorial: The Crafty Project I Never Started

Have you ever bought something based on a "I'm going to take this ____ and _______ with it?"  Yeah, me too.  In an eternal effort to reach my minimalism nirvana, I'm getting rid of the hard stuff. In this Minimalism tutorial, the 6th in a series, I explain why it was so hard to let go of these cool hanging vases, but did it anyway. Watch the video below.

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Minimalism Video Tutorial: The Spinning Shoes From My Past

Admit it: you still have workout clothes from a sport you haven't done in years, thinking you might get back into in someday maybe…. I did too.  In this minimalism series video, I get rid of my spinning shoes that I wore about 3x/week for a decade, but haven't worn in 3 years now (I'm strictly yoga these days).  I had to admit that this part of my life is over - at least for now.  No biggie.  Moving on.  Watch the video below and please leave a comment if you too will donate a sporty something from your past!

Watch the entire minimalism video series here.

Minimalism Video Tutorial 5: The Gorgeous Gift I Don't Use

Do you feel like a total jerk when contemplating something that was gifted to you?  I used to (and still do sometimes) but just like everything else that entered our lives, gifts don't have to hang around forever.  Click play to watch my reasons for donating a very beautiful gift that just outwore its welcome: