Where To Stash Your Coupons (Until They Expire, Because You Know They Will)

When is the last time you used a paper coupon?  Really, come up with an answer.  If it’s not within the past year, then don’t kid yourself the next time you see one has landed on your desk. It’s not worth anyone’s time nitpicking over (what I see as a) dear collection of Bed Bath & Beyond coupons when there is heavier paper lifting to be done.  If I notice I’m quickly losing the argument on whether or not to toss the tattered drugstore coupon that expires the next day, then we make a Coupons folder.  This, like any other active file, does NOT go in a file drawer.  It shouldn’t even live in the office. If it must though, use one of my favorite translucent folders.  If they expire, then at least they expire all in one spot.

*Advanced Step: When coupons come in, they should actually immediately go back out the door.  I am a loyal diner at El Golfo here in Silver Spring.  They have the best coupons and I do use them.  They come in the mail, but immediately make their way to my glove compartment.  Where are you when you wish you had that coupon on you?  NOT at home!  Because when a craving for a half price enchilada attacks as I’m cruising down Flower Avenue, I sure am glad that coupon’s not on my desk.


If you use coupons, gather yours and either make a Coupons file or bring them to your glove compartment.  If you do not use coupons, then this is not for you.  Trash immediately upon arrival.