Product manuals - what to keep and how to keep it

Kacy Paide shares what to do with product manuals - should you toss them and how to keep the ones you need.

A few weeks ago I shared one of the better, more honest, articles on organizing I had read in a long time. I declutter homes for a living. I hate free stuff. was written for The Washington Post by fellow DC organizer Nicole Anzia. Shortly after sending her some fan mail, Anzia asked if I’d contribute to an article on manuals and warranties that she was writing for the Washington Post. Apparently, we see eye to eye on quite a lot. She kindly shared some of my thoughts and practices on keeping and organizing these items in The Post’s Overrun by Appliance Manuals? A little organization can help. 

If you aren’t able to access it on the Post’s site, click here to read. 

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