Off to Bali. See you in September!

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I’ve been waiting to write that subject line not just all year, but since the last time I was in Bali in 2002! I had the great pleasure of studying abroad in Bali for four months in 2000, and returned the following two years for a month each.

My time there was pivotal in choosing organizing as a career. Being enveloped by such abundant beauty at age 20 supercharged my vision of building a career that would bring some of that beauty home. A year later in 2001, I launched my organizing business upon graduating. Ironically, I spent the next 17 years in some pretty dark, tight, and cluttered quarters. The transformation from cluttered to clear isn’t the easiest way to create beautiful spaces, but is how I've learned to deliver that sense of calm and purity to the people who need it the most - the beloved cluttered.


I nestled into Bali years before Elizabeth Gilbert landed with her Eat, Pray, Love book advance in-hand. I hear it’s changed a bit! This time, I’m bringing my husband. Also, my mom, sister, brother-in-law, and nieces arrived over a week ago are there waiting for us! This is my crew on the left. 

I’ll be gone most of the month. The newsletter is on hold until September. In the meantime, find me on Instagram.  Want to get on my September calendar? Please reach out. I’ll be on email juuust enough to keep things moving. Have you been to Ubud, Bali and have a must-visit spot, yoga class to take, or meal to eat? Please share in the comments!

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