Odd tossing rituals? You’re not alone.

I once had a client who, upon dropping each piece of paper into the recycling bin, tore the piece in half straight down the middle.  She told me she didn’t know why she had to do it that way, but it’s just the way it was.  I’m all for whatever works, so I followed suit and did the same.

I have vivid memories from growing up of my dad sitting at the kitchen table throwing paper on the floor between his chair and the counter as he was paying bills and sorting.  He refused to pull over the trash bin until he was completely done.  I inherited that trait, dropping receipts all around me as I organize my own finances, creating a storm before the calm.

More recently, a client and I were building up another one of our epic paper recycling piles on the floor and she said, "I tear things up so I can’t change my mind.”  How self-aware!  Her pile is pictured here. 

I share this not to suggest you adopt a tossing ritual if you don’t have one, nor ask you to bypass the one you might have, but to show that you’re not alone! 

Do you have an odd tossing or organizing ritual?  Please share in the comments!

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