My first experience with Freecycle

In the eternal quest for a home full of only things I find useful and beautiful I had decided months ago that I no longer (and never really) needed 22 square decorative pillowcases that I had made in Bali in 2001.  I had posted them in vain on both eBay and Craigslist; apparently no one else needed 22 Balinese pillowcases, until Freecycle!  I hesitated just dropping them off at the thrift store since I somehow knew that the collection in its entirety would make someone’s day. 

If it’s more important to you that something goes to the right home than to make a few bucks off of it, give it away on Freecycle!  Two weeks ago I effortlessly unloaded 22 Balinese pillowcases.  The eager recipient emailed me about 5 minutes after I posted them my local Freecycle feed, and picked them up a few days later.  She’s a textile collector and it was so nice hearing how appreciative she was and her plans for them.  The experience could not have been easier. 

Here are some suggests for items that are ideal for posting on Freecycle:

- Bulky items that are too difficult to load in your car.

- Anything large or small that needs to go FAST.

- Collections that you would like to see received intact, rather than dispersed in a thrift store.

- Items of sentimental value (like my pillowcases).  It’s nice to meet their new owner and see that they will be enjoyed for another round.

Find your local Freecycle community at

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