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Backs of doors are often underutilized real estate.  One of my favorite things to do with this space is to use The Container Store’s elfa system.  Here’s an example of how I used it in a client’s utility closet. They also offer a simple gift wrap solution that I installed for a client earlier this year.  Given that we’re all likely to wrestle with our mangled gift wrap in the coming weeks, I thought you might need a plan to keep this from happening again!  You’ll see in the before picture that the gift wrap was thrown into the closet, mingling with food, supplies, and other basement closet detritus.  Much of it is actually shoved in a cardboard box on the floor that you can’t see well here.

The Container Store offers some pre-selected gift wrap elfa solutions such as this one for the door, but we simplified and selected our own sets.

Here is exactly what is pictured (and on the adjacent door not pictured):

Elfa Utility Gift Wrap Rack  The Container Store will cut the spine (or “Standard”) to size for either an in-store or online purchase.  I recommend having it cut to 1.5" shorter than your door height.

From this link we also selected:
- 1 Elfa Utility Medium Basket
- 1 Elfa Utility Large Basket

I installed the two door sets in about 20 minutes.  From there, filling them could not have been simpler!  The two baskets on top hold her tissue paper and gift bags. This is a basement closet, but this system could work on any door where you have just enough clearance (about 6”) to close the door.  I’m all for organizing when the mood strikes, but keep in mind that the 30% off elfa sale starts right after Christmas and runs into February...

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