Must-Have Folder For Organizing the Portable Office

Many of my organizing clients work between two offices: home and work office.  Nearly all of my clients have a bag or briefcase that serves as a “mini office” that travels between home and wherever else life happens.  If you fall under either of these categories you’ll benefit from a folder I created just yesterday: “Home <-> Office.”   This folder will permanently live in the briefcase and will be the only place where documents in transition live - no more used and abused papers at the bottom of your bag!  Note: it is not meant to store documents.  In theory, nothing should live in here for more than two days max.  I chose a translucent plastic folder because not only can you see if something is inside, but it takes a beating on the go in a way a manila folder never could.

If you have a bag that travels between two work places, then you know how used and abused well-traveled papers can get.  Treat yourself to a clearly labeled plastic folder that never leaves your bag, serving as a heavy-duty go-between.