Minimalism Video Tutorial 1: The Black & White Dress

Just because I'm an organizer doesn't mean that I also don't have to work hard at staying organized, or more specifically: minimal.  I've got the one thing in, one thing out rule down pat.  I only own a handful of pens and pencils and I'm practically paperless.  I want a home though that isn't just neat, but looks like the whitewashed, sparse, organic heaven that I see in design blogs.

I don't just want to walk the walk.  I want my home to be a shrine to it.  In order to achieve minimalism Nirvana, I've got to keep digging, which means taking a look at the things I love that I haven't used in years.  This is going to take discipline.  I'm down to the hard stuff.

I've started a series of minimalism tutorial videos, walking you though each item I'm parting with. You'll learn why I held onto it for so long and why I'm finally able to let it go.  My hope is that it inspires you to do the same!  New videos will be posted weekly, so subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch them all (use the link below the video).

Here is Video 1: The Black & White Dress 

About 25% of me already regrets sending this cute little staple to the thrift store, but it's gone and I'm moving on.

Please share with me in the comments which items you'll donate after watching!

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