Micro book review of “Goodbye, things”

Here’s a very short review of a book I haven’t read.  A client recently shared with me her excitement for her new copy of goodbye, things by Fumio Sasaki.  It already has me thinking, though I haven’t read any part of it.  Of all she was telling me, these two pieces have really stuck:

    - Once upon a time the only objects we had (besides clothing and shelter) were tools.  I do love beautiful things, but this reaffirms my pursuit of upgrading my own tools to things of beauty and not letting anything in that is purely decor (plants notwithstanding).  Read: no dust-catchers allowed!

    - On the deepest level a lot of what we keep is to maintain a certain image to others.  We keep that book on our shelves because it preserves an image.  We keep that skirt we never wear because we’d like to be seen as that person who lives the lifestyle to go with it.  I’d like to read the book to hear the full story on this perspective.  It’s not one I’d heard before. The theory (or accusation) seems easily refutable, but one that resonated the second I heard it.  I continue to hold this in my head as I look at my own things.  

Is Sasaski the new Kondo? Do either of Sasaki’s points made here provoke a strong feeling or opinion for you?  Pleas share in the comments.

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