Making over my client's goal list

If we’re not already making an effort to practice positive thinking, we certainly are aware of the benefits.  I’m not here to go into the depths of why this works, or to explain how feelings create actions that create results, but rather to show specifically how to apply this to living a beautiful life.  This story from a beloved client is a spot-on example for anyone who shares her goal of an organized home.

Even those of us who are already seeing the benefits of rose-colored glasses can always do a better job.  In fact, every moment provides us with the option to see in it the elements of what we want to see, or see what we don’t want to see.  

Recently I was working with a client when amongst her lists we found  a list of her reasons for wanting to simplify her home. What struck me was that her answers were negatively framed.  It painted a crystal clear image of a life she does not want, albeit, lives:

It reads:

Why do I want to simplify my home?
- clutter brings me down
- makes me feel out of control
- not pretty or calming
- keeps us from having people over
- disappoints husband
- not a refuge for husband
- too hard to maintain everything
- too expensive to have all this stuff

Can’t you see it?  The covered table that can’t host guests?  The disappointed husband?  The woman who is weighed down?

I pointed this out, and she immediately recognized it too.  I asked if she would rewrite a version of the list that painted a picture of what she wants.  A few hours later she found me and said, “I finished my homework assignment!”

She presented me with this list:

She presented it excitedly and proudly, admitting that this one felt so much better to write and to read. She actually real aloud each line of the first list as I read aloud the new and improved line.  It was a simple effort that made a huge difference.  We both felt something move. She now has a bright manifesto that came straight from her, not an organizer or a book.  

She was already lighter.

Have you made any lists about improving your office, home, or any life area?  If not, do!  It only takes a few minutes.  If the “don’t want” version flows better at first, get it down.  Once you have that, take a quick, good-feeling second step and reframe it to reveal a picture of exactly what you want.  

Return to it.  Rewrite it often.  Post it.  Laminate it.  Let it permeate your day until it changes you and changes your life.

Please share with me in the comments your experience with any exercise you have to make you feel good, feel better, visualize what you want, or any “tricks” you may have to get your head in the right space to achieve a goal - organizing or not!

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