I love how she hid her files


My client from about a year ago recently moved. She just sent me this picture of where she put her files in her new house! I just love it. It's always fun to see the ideas that emerge as a result of saying "no" to the traditional filing cabinet. We've all seen office closets before, but this is different because it's not in the office and it's not strictly for supplies. This is where she keeps her working files. A few tips from Carol: - I left enough space between the shelves so that you can easily see the file folder labels from a standing position. It wouldn't work if you had to crouch or use chair for the files you use often. - The top shelves with the boys report cards do need a stool for access, but I figured that once or twice a year that would be ok. I saw a little folding stool at the Container Store that I might get. - The only other thing I may add is some closet lights under each shelf. - Supplies are in wine create

Container Store supplies used: Acrylic Desktop FileBigso Translucent Desktop FileBlossom Hanging Folders