How to break inertia: undo years of clutter in just hours.

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A big thing my clients struggle with is inertia - for all sorts of reasons. What I love about my job is that we not only break it, but sometimes get results like this in 3 hours when it had been put off for YEARS!

Sure, you could pick up any single item here and deem it trash. Somehow though, when facing dozens or hundreds of these small items it becomes insurmountable. The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. He needed some hand holding to execute the one-at-a-time method (which is actually the only method) to pierce through the piles. 


I wish I had some tricks of the trade to share with you, aside from starting small piles on the floor of what to keep.  It’s really just a matter of sitting still long enough to see it through. The good news though is that it almost always takes less time that you expect. Like I’ve said before, people don’t necessarily need more time, rather, they need more focus.

There was so little that he actually kept from this surface. He ended up keeping a few items of memorabilia, some things to send to friends, and docs to help with client invoicing, but not much more.

Where in your home or office do you need a little inertia-busting? Are there areas that don’t need much more than the one-at-a-time method?  Can you set a timer to focus for about 20 minutes longer than you think you can stand? You might shock yourself at what is possible. Please share in the comments!

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