How My Client Used List-Making to Jump Start an Organizing Project

Big projects, like organizing boxes and boxes of photos, can feel daunting and overwhelming. See how you can quickly jump start any big organizing project and feel good about it instantly.

Last week one of my virtual clients shared with me that since our last call he had started the huge project of organizing his daily photos in his elderly mother’s home. Though it was and still is a daunting task, he felt so good that he had simply started. He pulled photos off of bookshelves and various stashes to group them all together. He has a lot of editing and sorting ahead of him, but is most excited to resurrect some long lost goodies to frame for his mom and share with family members. 

Almost as an aside, he then mentioned that he did all of this after pulling out a legal pad and making a list of reasons why this will be an important, feel-good project to do. This wasn’t the result of any idea or nudge from his organizer, rather, a stroke of inspiration that he acted on that set the project in motion. I love this!!

On that list was anything from clearing space, to strengthening his bond with his siblings. He looked at the list, felt the life in it, and proceeded in a way he never had.  I was SO proud.

Have you ever made a similar list? Can you think of any project that could get off the ground with a feel-good list of reasons to just start? Please share in the comments.

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