How I'm doing with my "3 Words" for 2015

You may remember that after the new year, inspired by Chris Brogan's post, I chose three words to shape my 2015.  (Click here to read my original post on this style of new year's resolutions).  They were Green, Reach, and Offline.

Let's revisit mine:

Green – This is twofold: I want to eat more green foods and spend more time outdoors.

Reach – I want to get creative in reaching more people with my work.

Offline – I won’t be taking a year off the internet, heck, probably not even a weekend, but I want to choose offline as much as I choose online.

My grades:

Green – B

Reach – C

Offline – D (though I'd give myself a B+ just looking at the last month or so)

Looks like I have some refocusing to do…  I need to ask myself what it would take to bump those grades up, as these three words still resonate as they did back in January.  Resolutions need revisiting if they stand a chance at making a difference in your life.

Read my original post on my three words here. Read the post that inspired me to choose my words here. (by Chris Brogan)

Did you choose 3 words with me back in January?

If so, what were they and how are they shaping your year (if at all)?  We still have 5 months in 2015.  It's not too late to pick your words! Please share in the comments below.

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