How I used Evernote this week to support my yoga practice


I practice Ashtanga yoga. In Ashtanga, we practice the same sequence of poses class after class, with essentially no departure from the “Primary Series". Up until recently, I was only attending classes led by the teacher. The past few weeks have found me at a “Mysore” class, meaning I practice at my own pace in a room full of others doing the same. This means I have to memorize the entire Primary Series! (It takes about an hour and a half to complete).

It’s incredible how a sequence that I have repeated countless times becomes scrambled eggs once absent of the teacher’s cues. So, I have Ashtanga charts saved in Evernote. Before Mysore classes, I review the chart at home on my laptop and once again on my iPhone when I park before class. I’ve also practiced at home alongside this chart on my iPad. I effortlessly bring up the chart within seconds anytime I need a quick review (which is often). View the charts here! They’re saved in my “Yoga” notebook.

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