How I used Evernote to Onboard My New Virtual Assistant

18So how did you pull off this week's newsletter you ask?  I've been working with another Sandy, literally another Sandy!  My new assistant, Sandy, is beginning to take on some of Sandy #1's tasks.  Since Sandy #1 and I shared an extensive Evernote notebook, I invited my new Sandy to join.  Sandy #1 had done such a good job of documenting her tasks, that I have been able to just give my new Sandy a tour of the inner workings of The Inspired Office without reinventing the wheel.  Helpful notes in this shared notebook are logins, examples of old newsletters, YouTube publishing schedule, Sandy's weekly tasks, email templates, and more.  This Evernote notebook essentially serves as The Inspired Office's back office handbook. How to share a notebook:

  • Invitee must have an Evernote account.
  • In Notebooks, select notebook to share.
  • Click the share icon.
  • Invite via email.

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