How I used Evernote this summer to paperlessly plan my wedding


Within days of saying “yes” a year ago, I created my “Wedding” notebook in Evernote for our big day this September.  It has been absolutely essential!  How do people plan weddings (let alone anything) without Evernote!  It not only keeps my head straight, but allows me to seamlessly share information with my sister and sister-in-law to be who are helping with planning.  Here is a sampling of my 62 notes in my Wedding notebook:

- Wedding Invitation Suite (pdf of invitation design that my sister shared with me)

- Cheap Gold Safeway Vases (dimensions, count, and images of bargain vases we just swooped up)

- Wedding guest list

- Multiple notes on wedding dresses I love (Yup, I bought one)!

- Farm table rentals (deposit receipt and pdf of contract)

- Multiple notes on appetizer ideas photographed from cookbooks and magazines

- Wedding vows (slowly adding thoughts and quotes here)

- Wedding expenses (tables where I capture mine, Nic’s, and my parents’ expenses to date)

- Master to do list

- Vintage stamps (already ordered)

I shudder to think at the mess my desk, dining table, inbox, head, and wedding would be without the Evernote “Wedding” notebook.  I can share notes, capture ideas neatly and quickly, and refer back to any detail when I’m away from home, all well as save all contracts and receipts.  This is how you plan a wedding - paperlessly.  

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