How I planned my wedding with Post-It notes

Essential as it was, Nic and I still have nightmares of this Post-It board.  The 106 notes in my Evernote “Wedding” notebook helped us to essentially have a paperless planning process, but it was this board that got things done.  For most projects, a blend of digital and hard-copy tools are needed.  This wedding was no exception. Evernote is where I stored images, ideas, notes on conversations with vendors, contracts, etc. This board held one sticky per to-do.  It sat in our living room for months (where it still sits until I do a video on it). 


The process was simple:

- To-dos on the left were undone.

- To-dos in the middle were started.

- To-dos on the right were done. 

I held onto the completed task notes to keep track of what was done so that I wasn’t second guessing if something was accounted for.  

In the week leading up to the wedding date, I needed a more “in my face” system, moving Post-its from the board to the fridge each day.:


There is no rhyme or reason as to the colors.  I wanted a colorful board, but the colors are arbitrary.  I’ve used this board in the past for planning other projects.  It is actually a poster frame. Not wanting a corporate-looking office board, I took out the cardboard, leaving only the plexiglass cover.  It’s lightweight and simple.  When I’m not using it, it lives under the couch.

Do you have an active project that would benefit from the one sticky per to-do board?  If so, share in the comments! 

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