Free yourself from online distractions with the Freedom app


You set a timer to work on a very specific project. You immediately dive into deep focus and concentration, effortlessly producing your best work within minutes.  At the end of your prescribed period of focus, you realize you have eliminated your to do list and/or written the next great American novel.


You sit down to write your newsletter. Three sentences in, a Messages text pop-up sends you into a peripheral conversation that has nothing to do with writing said newsletter.  By the fifth sentence, you jump on your browser to look up a word.  Browser-land lures you to Pinterest, which takes you to research tribal ikat pillow cases on Etsy.  Twenty minutes later, you return to writing the newsletter.  Instead of writing a response to a podcast interview you want to share, you click over to review the podcast page again for no particular reason, sending you to your phone to download other cool podcasts….repeat. Two weeks pass and no newsletter has been sent, but you’re thoroughly convinced you need more tribal pillowcases in your life.

Tarnished as my reputation for productivity may be by now (see above confession), I do have THE solution to online distractions: the Freedom app.

If I knew what was good for me, I’d use my new, upgraded Freedom app a bit more than 0 times per week.  When I do use it, I move mountains.  (I’ve actually been using it for years, long before the beautiful new upgrade).  Freedom allows you to pause internet or specific website access for a pre-set period of time.  With the phone app, you can deny yourself access to apps (Instagram, Facebook, etc)  as well.   Wether you need an internet-free minute or day, Freedom is your answer.

How will you use the Freedom app?  How would you spend an internet/app free 15 minutes?  How would you spend an internet/app free 3 hours?

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